An In-Person Workshop with Anjali Romaniuk 

August 21st, 2021  


Ferndale, Michigan

Join Anjali for a powerful in-person experience. 

This workshop is for women who desire to come together in conscious community, connect with their body, and deepen their relationship to their feminine energy.

This is your invitation. 

My passion is bringing women together in the name of healing & community. There is nothing more powerful than watching women reclaim all of who they are without shame, fear, or worry. 

My desire is to create a supportive space for women to re-discover themselves, and what it means to be embodied in their authenticity. 

What is Embodiment?

Embodiment is the practice of connecting to your body, sensations, emotions, and inner wisdom. When you are embodied, you are a living-breathing expression of your deepest truth. Feminine Embodiment practice anchors you into your confidence and radiance, reminding you of your power. 

During this two hour event we will move through somatic practices designed to open the energy channels of the body. Together we will explore breathwork & feminine embodiment practice which will offer you the space to explore movement & sound that feels good to your degree of expression.

Nourishing your inner feminine in the company of amazing women & in a safe place to be seen, held, and claimed in your fullness. 

There will be self-reflection time, journaling, and the opportunity to share and connected with the women around you. 

**Space is limited to 15 women**

Can't wait to share this space with you! 

Xx Anjali