We see you, sister

We see your desire to feel alive & connected to your incredible body. 

You are remembering that your value is not just based on your external looks. 

You are remembering that self-love is a daily practice. 

You are remembering that your body is a holy temple, 

& when you are devoted to taking care of yourself,

you begin to radiate. 

Flower in Sunlight

Falling back in love with your body aligns you with your deepest desires. 

Your body is the bridge to abundance. 

Everything you desire is attracted to your light.


If you're a woman in this world, chances are you have been exposed to the un-reasonable beauty standards within society. 


Because, let's be real, there is always a new trend popping up to "scuplt" or "shape" your body in a different way. 


It's exhausting, overwhelming, and causes women to feel like they are not enough. 

Chances are, this has affected you at some point in time.


Influencing you to alter, shame, hide, or resent your body.


Dimming your natural radiant beauty.

But we say enough is enough. It's time for women to embrace their bodies and say "F*ck the beauty standards".

Enough comparison. 

Enough criticism

Enough pain. 

Your body is your altar to be celebrated and honored.  

Meet your guides:

Marissa Pearrow

Marissa Pearrow

Marissa is a holistic wellness and self-love embodiment coach. She has been helping women reconnect to their intuitive wisdom and tap into the joy of healthy living for 5 years. She holds a B.S. in psychology and certifications in reiki healing, plant-based nutrition, and health & wellness coaching. 

Her mission is to reawaken your deep capacity for self-love so that you can heal your relationship with yourself and come back to wholeness.


She believes that harmony in our world starts within, and the reawakening of the divine feminine energy is the most potent medicine for our planet right now.

Anjali Romaniuk

Anjali Romaniuk 

Anjali has been teaching women how to attune to their bodies and connect with themselves in more depth since 2014. Her expertise lies healing & clearing inner trauma by exploring Inner Child Work & Shadow Work so you can transform your mind-body connection, activate your higher Consciousness, and step back into your truest sense of empowerment. 

Her mission is to be a leader & example to women all over the world in remembering their worth, remembering their authentic expression, and claiming personal sovereignty to birth a New Earth. 

Orang Plant

Beauty doesn't begin with your external form, 

it begins within. 

Studies have found that the most attractive quality in a woman is not her makeup, her hair, or her body... 

It is her RADIANCE.

What is Radiance?

The rays of light emitted from a woman characterized by her: 

Vitality, Emotional depth, & Passion for life.

This is beauty in its most potent form. 

& it's already exists within you.

Are you ready to meet yourself in your most radiant expression?

We're going to teach you how to unlock it!




Mustard Flowers

You'll learn the scientific & spiritual practices to tap into your natural magnetism.


Holistic nutrition, intuitive eating,  appreciating your body, & discovering your worth beyond numbers / scales.

Re-writing core beliefs about your body image.
Experiencing true initiation into womanhood & the  Divine Feminine. 

Inner-standing the core of jealousy, projections, and judgements.
Learning about the Ego & create Inner Confidence that makes you magnetic.

Embodied practices to create a natural glow from the inside out. Releasing trauma stored in the body to feel lighter and at home with yourself.

what we will explore inside

A beautiful blend of integrative knowledge, feminine embodiment, and soulful sisterhood.

The Radiance Program Includes: 


+ 8 Weekly group calls (all calls recorded in case you miss a meeting).

+ Weekly embodiment practices to integrate each week's wisdom.


+ Private facebook community for connection & support throughout the journey.

+ Journal prompts to deepen the self exploration & healing process. 


A special closing ceremony call to celebrate your Radiant Remembering & solidify the sisterhood that we've cultivated. 

A playlist of music to activate the divine feminine radiance within.

Three Women

Scholarship Opportunity 

We are creating a sacred container for 13 women to join us on this journey. 

If you feel called to this program, but are in a tough place financially, we are offering a space for one woman to join us free of charge. 

We ask for serious inquires only.


This is reserved for someone who feels aligned with this work & truly does not have the financial means to pay at this time.