Who are you?

Our culture has turned into a synthetic experience that caters to our egoic desires. We have been strayed so far away from anything that resembles true authenticity, and in return we have received a fake ass idea of what our lives should look like, and what we should be doing with them. We desire to prove ourselves to others, so they see us, so we get attention, praise, and surface level love. We intend to "make something of ourselves" and sell our spirit to gain some type of mundane achievement. We feel proud, for a second, and then back on the hamster wheel of chasing that sweet, ever fading moment of feeling enough. And what we end up with is a large population of humans so deeply disconnected from themselves, with endless layers of conditioning and harmful belief systems, that there is an ample amount of suffering.

We suffer from our own internal issues and wounds.

We suffer because of other peoples internal issues and wounds.

And our world reflects it all.

So, what happens when we begin waking up to this obvious truth? What happens when we decide to leave the life we thought we wanted so badly, behind? What happens when we give ourselves the time and space to shatter through the mold of our old, fake shell of a self and awaken to who we really are?

We begin to see things as they are, and this is quite possibly one of the roughest transformations that a person could go through.

Because awakening to what is, means that everything you thought was "right" or "real" is not that anymore. That YOU are not who you thought you were, and that you actually know very little about yourself or the world around you.

An epic adventure of self discovery and re-birth.

We idolize awakening and transformation as if it's something that is euphoric and endless bliss of connecting back to your soul. New Age spirituality offers you Chakra balancing, Reiki, Yoga, Meditation, Kundalini, Drum Circles, Sound Healing, EFT Tapping, and a lot more yummy fluffyness without the counter practice of going deep within yourself, to the root of why you seek out these practices. Because at the top layer, we all might admit that we want to better ourselves and become more balanced people, but you can only attempt to heal yourself on a surface level for so long, before the movement of life exposes to you the depths of your suffering and invites you to let go of all that you once knew, so you can evolve.

Awakening is not what you envision it to be, it will be different from all your expectations and ideologies. The process will strip you of all your identities, expose you to all the rigid and dark scary parts that reside within you. Your relationships, with yourself and others, will be revealed in the light of "this is what it is", and you wont like it. Everything you once labeled yourself as will be gone, leaving you to feel like you're nothing, nobody. It's often at this point where we decide to fall back into our old ways of "living", if you can even call it that. Many would rather carry on with their superficial lives, that explore the depths of their own self. The most vital discovery that any person could make in their lifetime.

Who are you?

Why are you here?

What is your purpose?

Can you answer these questions honestly? Do you truly know why you were put here on this planet, at this time, in this body?

In order to answer these questions, we must be willing to release all the things that we have boxed ourselves in as, and open our eyes and hearts to the truth of so much more.

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