Waking Up In The Machine

Truth is hidden behind the dark spaces we dare not go into, but it is always there regardless if we are seeking it, or not. The truth is working within the chaos of the world, holding itself in an ever-so-grounded place, never moving, never dimming, always echoing itself so it can be heard. If you are silent enough within yourself, you just might hear it speak to you. Some might say we won't know the Truth until we die, but I feel as though there is always a moment to receive the notes carried in the wind.

It is not religion, nor some strange spiritual dogma. It is the fine layer of illusion being pulled from over your eyes.

The truths of what we are, who we are, what is going on, why this is happening, and how we got here, are simply waiting for us to strike a match and begin walking into the dark cave full of answers.

If you are in the process of waking up, congratulations. I know it hurts. It really really hurts. The reconciliation with your awakened self is one of fiery transformation. Friendships will end, people will get offended, wounds will be triggered, and resolutions with yourself will be made. This is a continuous process, a constant shedding of protective weight that we have acquired throughout our lifetime on this planet. Unwinding, un-learning, and re-establishing ourselves as the intellectual, intuitive individuals we are.

We must understand our own important role as being self sufficient, and responsible for our bodies, minds, and spirits. Taking care of yourself in a holistic way, and finding true nurturing rituals that aid in your connection to source, spirit, God. Staying open to receiving knowledge, and being able to forge your own path through deceptions and distractions. Using your mind and heart to help guide you, as they dance together within your being.

Your awakening will be unfolding, and un-ending. Do not let the doom consume you. As feeling meek and hopeless will not fuel the fire, but suffocate your flames.

Allow yourself to feel the depth, but do not stay down in the pit.

We awaken and ascend.

Climb. Radiate. Elevate. Vibrate. Restore.

and rest.

We cannot possibly restore if we are empty.

We cannot ascend if we are not being a lover onto ourselves.

When you wake up within the machine you can let it destroy you, or you can declare your sovereignty and allow it to inspire you.

To be a torch light on the way to the cave of truth

for others to find the path.

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