Transforming from The Girl to The Goddess

Women wander through the duration of our lives on a constant journey of seeking. Seeking success, love, prosperity, marriage, children, homes, lovers, and acceptance. We are taught to seek these out from the moment we are born into our existence. As our parents place us into the activities they would like to be doing, or force the life they wished to have, upon us. We play the role of becoming those things, without ever questioning it. Some of us go into sports, dance, music, gymnastics, or even etiquette school. Through the lack of choices we are given, there is an ongoing internal conflict born from doing what we're told to do, so no one gets mad. As girls, we ingest the fear of not being good enough, and it is through this fear where our habits and choices begin to form.

Unworthiness and lack of personal boundaries is fortified into our unconscious minds, and we have no idea how to un-program that part of ourselves. Since our main stream schooling does not teach the most fundamentally valuable information about life (i.e. self love, creativity, & individualism), many girls grow up just to be big girls, and are forever seeking that acceptance and strength they were never taught how to create for themselves.

Girls and Goddesses are one in the same, every girl has a Goddess inside of them, every Goddess is an undefined and free woman. Although, the process of moving from the scared little girl is a challenging transformation in itself, and often a process that asks you to leave behind all which you once thought was "what you wanted", and take a forward step towards your truest desires.

We see the inner girl appear in our obsession with name brand material stuff that does not matter, with excessive makeup to the point where you no longer feel beautiful without it, we see her in the chase for boys, as she fantasizes over Hollywood love stories and reality TV shows about relationships, even though you know it's not real. She wants to be seen, heard, and accepted, so she tries every new fad that highlights: slim legs and a flat stomach, wait no...a big butt and "thick legs", or is it toned with a little body fat? Maybe just running? Maybe Keto! Or, um, I'll just eat gluten free? Oh! How about no more fats, because she wants to be low fat... That's it!

Yet, she is still lost. She is lost in the sea of secret self hatred. She is the girl sitting on her phone for endless hours as she scrolls through the life of many, wishing for a sense of purpose. She is taking pictures of her bubble bath, telling the social world about her "Self Care Regimen", yet she does not really know what self care truly entails. She wants love. She wants love so deeply that she is willing to accept un-aligned boyfriends who are disguised as lovers because they are comfortable for the time being and often better than just being lonely. The girl settles for safety. Stays in the relationship she knows she is unhappy in, but terrified to move out of. She is safe in her job that does not feed her inner most calling, her passion, her soul. She waits, thinking that "whatever is meant for me will come to me", without putting in the effort to unveil her true self and step away from the facade.

She may have children some day that she tries to raise differently, or she may cut herself off from love because she never felt as if she was worthy of receiving it. She may become bitter, as se builds up the barricade to her heart, because she never was taught how to be in love her aloneness, she demons, her little girl, with her whole self.

The Goddess is inside of you, but completely outside of all the mainstream-modern day stories. As your inner woman screams to be let free, it will be your duty to seek out her voice, from the voices of many others. She is your truth, your deepest sense of spirituality that reminds you how perfect you already are. She offers you self-forgiveness in ways that invite you back to the home you have abandoned. She is not daydreaming about a better life, but taking action towards reaching it. Dismantling the ideology of what a real woman is, for she sees through the conditioning that millennia of women have been under, to be afraid of their own bodies. The Goddess will not wait to be saved by anyone else except herself. Leaving behind her limited thoughts on what love should look like, and giving it space to reveal itself in time. She trusts, as her intuition guides her through the muddy waters of her shadows, she listens to what they have to say without giving them power to rule.

You will not find her at your yoga or pilates class at 4:30 on Fridays. She will not be in your group of friends that don't tell you the truth, or want the very best for you. She is not inside of a God that is told to be outside of you. She is not in the college classes you hate, but hope to find success in. She is not in the man you think can love all your insecurities away. She is not on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Tinder, or any other social box you try to escape in. She is not in your money. Not in your brand name clothes, not in your wedding ring, not in your outer shell of a body.

She is already inside of you.

She is waiting to be set free.

In your transformation from the girl to the Goddess you will find healing. You will find the strength to make choices that are in favor of your well-being. Relationships that are not serving you will be severed, and you will be set free. You will not seek for acknowledgment or attention in shallow forms, because a Goddess acknowledges her own self. The things you once believed will be shaken, challenged, and unchained from your mind. You will be connected to your own source of power, to the earth, to the life forces around you. You will see your sisters as they are Goddesses, and feel compelled to help many girls towards their own transformation.

You will become who you were created to become, within a new paradigm, within a new world.

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