The Indoctrination - 5 Things They Never Want Us to Learn.

From the moment we are born into this reality, we are immediately exposed to the intricate ways the system is working, and how we are to be shaped and primed to be a "team player". Our home life, exposure to subliminal information, music, our education system, the way we choose our jobs and how we work, our intimate relationships, and how we raise our kids; is all by design. This way of living (if you can really call it that) is a subtle, yet impactful way of keeping our innate human consciousness and connectivity suppressed. We are all suppressed in our own unique ways, no matter who you are or where you come from.

There is vital information that we should have learned, acknowledged, and embodied so we could have the ability to live in harmony with nature and each other, honor ourselves as individuals, and the competence to synchronize our mind and spirit to effortlessly guide us through life.



1. Our Natural Sovereign Rights as Humans - As humans, we all have the same natural rights that we are functioning within. The ability to discern information and critically think for ourselves. To make our own decisions on what we choose to do without the pressure and guilt pressed upon us by external forces. We are SOVEREIGN, meaning we are above rulership or control of another. We are free to be in charge of our own selves, and no other person carries the right to tell us what to do, where to go, how to act, who to be, etc. We are not slaves, we are eternally free souls & people. This also implies that we are responsible for ourselves, especially our choices and actions. There are consequences we are met with, and our ability to recognize them and fully own them forges our path to personal development and understanding. Your health is your responsibility. Your thoughts and emotions are yours, and yours alone. You have the responsibility of accepting or rejecting certain behavior from others. You get to choose what you want to consume, how you treat your body, you have the right to defend yourself, and choose how you want to...LIVE. No one else should ever have dictation over you. Ever.

What We Were Taught Instead - You are owned by your parents, therefore you must obey what they say, no matter what, in order to receive love and safety. Of course, your parents wont be fully (or at all) aware of their actions towards you. They are functioning within their own conditioning and projecting their buried pain onto your poor innocent soul. You must respect and love them anyway. If your actions are not up to the standards they see fit, you will be punished, dismissed, or even spited. You are expected to behave, believe, and function under their rule without exercising your natural ability to question. You might have less rights or less worth based on your race, your social class, or your gender. Your health dictated by doctors, your safety enforced by policemen and military, your education and credentials held by teachers, your money owned by the Government, your image objectified by media. Your personal responsibility, never spoken about. It is through our childhood that we learn to never really question these life guidelines. The accepting nature we have come to embrace leaves us controlled and compliant, just how they like it.

2. Honoring The Body - Our bodies are the vessels we receive in order to experience this life as human. The body / mind provides us with the tools, movements, intellect, intuition, and internal systems to assist us in living. Seeing our bodies as a shell, suit, avatar, can give us deeper understanding that even when we get old and our bones begin breaking down, the body decays, the soul and consciousness live on. We never truly die, we are eternal. Death is simply a re-birth, an opportunity to move on and graduate from this Earth school. This is why treating our bodies with respect is non-negotiable. We have a duty to keep ourselves healthy, practice self respect, and honor the amazing gift we have gained to do so much within our very short life span. Our eating habits, what we drink, that which we watch and read, and how we move, all play a role in the quality of your life. Our bodies actually have the ability to heal themselves, and integrate plant medicine for healing as well. Our roots come from natures medicinal properties and integrating with them. Connect with other life forces around you and remind yourselves that we are not separate from the energies that encompass all the millions of living things around us. Our body is of the earthly realm, and to that it shall return. The soul lives on. As we practice honoring ourselves, we also honor that which is all around us. We are one.

What We Were Taught Instead - You ARE your body. You worthiness, value, and success is based on your looks. Identify with your body, your skin color, your shell. This is what creates division among us. As a human, you are at the top of the food chain. All other beings are beneath you. Animals are separate, bugs are separate, trees are separate. Actually, nature is terrifying so just stay the hell away from it. Judge others on their external appearance and compare yourself to them. Be so easily compelled to morph your body into the looks that are trending. Not happy with your nose? Surgery. Not happy with your penis? Mutilate it! Not happy with your butt? Add some plastic to it. Make sure you get vaccinated, expose yourself to hazardous radiation, feed yourself GMO's, ingest lots of sugar, take toxic medication, shave off all your body hair, expose yourself to cleaning chemicals, drink liquor, smoke cigarettes, and most of all, do not trust your body, trust your primary care doctor. Fear death, because when you're getting ready to go, it will probably be super painful and terrifying, therefore take all measures to prevent yourself from dying. Because once you're gone, you're gone. And your funeral will cost the family a fortune.

3. Sacred Sex(uality) - All life forms are created with Masculine and Feminine energy. Your sexuality is sacred, and your energy is sacred. You as a human are made up of both energies. Women are dominantly feminine energy, and Men are dominantly masculine energy. When in tune, your internal energies work in harmony with each other. Creating balance within the internal and external world. When these energies are out of sync, they can cause imbalance within and without. We all have wounded energy to deal with, and doing the work to understand and heal them is necessary to your spiritual growth. The sacred feminine has been suppressed for many years. This encompasses the severed knowledge of cycles, fertility, the womb, and creation. Exploitation and sexualization of bodies, suppression of emotions, and lack of intuitive integration. The sacred masculine has been wounded and the toxic characteristics of domination, egoism, violence, competition, and dis-connection to emotions, spirituality, and ones-self have been forces in which we function under as a society. We need healed men, and healed women to reclaim their natural powers and abilities to bring the world back into a state of balance. S.e.x. = is union. Sacred. Energy. Exchange. The unification of two energies coming together. It is spiritual, it is magical, it is beautiful, it is bonding. You have the choice to engage with anyone whom you see fit, but be discerning. Energies can be transferred, choose wisely those which you want to allow into your sacred domain. Women can track their fertility cycle as a natural source of avoiding pregnancy, and men can harness their sex energy and create a potent reservoir inward instead of allowing it to escape outward. Your sacred sex energy can heal each other.

What We Were Taught Instead - Men learn how to be men from role models like Channing Tatum and Lil Wayne. Women learn how to be women from Brittney Spears and Nikki Minaj. Women become tired of being suppressed and try to become dominating towards men. Men feel bad that they exist so they submit to the women. The lack of balance still remains, and no one looks at themselves for the answers. Just point fingers at each other and project your pain and hatred. Bodies are sexual and need to be hidden away, but porn is acceptable and prepares you for sexual experiences. Sex is also a sin, and God will punish you for your dirty desires. Repress your sexuality and feel guilty, or go to the extreme and embrace your sexuality so much that you lack any boundaries of who you engage with. Birth control is promoted and there is a variety of choices you can choose from to fuck up the natural cycle of your body. Pump yourself up with synthetic hormones, or shove a plastic little wishbone into your cervix, and now there are micro-chips you can get inserted into your arm, all to stop your body from ovulation. Sex is all about pleasure. Connecting to one another doesn't matter that much. Expect sex to be very much like the movies, and if it's not, you should be embarrassed of your "performance". Place lots of attention on the size of your penis or how "pretty" your vagina looks, so that's all you care about when choosing a partner.

4. The Falsity Behind Money and Success - Green paper has no real value. It's a construct that our society came up with in order to control people are create more separation. Your level of success is not based on the amount of green paper you receive in your lifetime or the digital numbers in your bank account. Currency comes in many forms. Wealth comes in many forms. If you spend your entire life focused on how much material shenanigans you can gain, you will consistently feel empty. You don't have to chase money, if you trust yourself, are aligned with support from the universe, and understand how to receive, you will gain abundance in multiple different ways. You don't have to work a job you hate just to make enough to provide for yourself and your family. In all actuality, the world wants nothing more for you than to fall into alignment with something you are passionate about and not sell your soul for. Invest your time and energy into important things that help you & others around you. Give back, do not hoard. Allow for your needs to be met. We do not need as much as our ego would like to live a sustainable and abundant life.

What we are taught Instead - Money is your God. Do everything you can in life to acquire as much money as possible. Your status is based on how much green paper you have. If you have a lot, you're upper class. If you have little to none, you are lower class. (Don't be lower class.) Go to college, take out thousands in loans, go into debt, and get a "good job", that you'll actually hate, so you can make lots of money only to have interest rates breathing down your back for years. Most of your money will be stolen from you by the government, but it's ok, you'll get a refund...maybe not though. Your credit score is your main source of worthiness in this reality, you are limited on what you can do if it's bad. Like buy a house or a car. So make sure you open credit cards and buy lots of things you don't need to get those points to buy more things you probably don't need. Get that giant house, yacht, and Mercedes! Make sure you dress well so people know you have lots of money, and if you don't have money, make sure you still dress well so people don't think you're "poor". Donate a couple hundred of dollars to a non-profit every now and then so you can feel a little better about yourself. Steal for money, lie for money, sell your soul for those green dollar bills that mean nothing at the end of your life.

5. The Natural Laws The World Provides - There are natural laws in effect which govern us as human beings. They are immutable and unchangeable. Inescapable and always working in a non-bias fashion. Understanding these universal laws and living in alignment with them has the potential to create a harmonious place where everyone is holding themselves accountable for the way in which they choose to live and show up. There are consequences to your actions, degrees of emotions and functions, reflections of the micro and macrocosm, rhythm and movement is always constant, mentality is how you create your personal reality, and nature works within the two sacred energies. To truly care about yourself, life as a whole, and to apply and spread this knowledge onward is the true dharma of each individual being here.

What we are taught instead - You will obey the laws which the Government enforces. If you don't, you will be radically punished with fines, violence, and thrown into a cage. You will be pushed to vote regularly for a new puppet to be your master, yet nothing will change. Your actions will be reprimanded by a Judge and Jury, and your fate will be decided by them as well. You might be coerced by other humans with suits and badges who believe they have more rights or power than you do. You will fear them, but also depend on them to "keep you safe". The only rights you have are those which are hand written on a paper document from the hands of people who stole this land of its original settlers. If you don't wear a seat belt in traffic, you can be fined, because you don't really own your body, so that choice is not yours to make. You will be penalized for not giving the government your hard earned money to pay for thinks like war and death (but we'll tell you it's for the roads and health insurance). You will believe that you are free, more free than other people in other countries. That you should be GRATEFUL, but you are a slave to a system that never wants you to wake up.


Emancipating ourselves from the very system that works so hard to keep us asleep and on the hamster wheel is the greatest work of our lives. The greater work is helping each other reach this knowledge and strive for true human freedom and justice. Learning to truly love, and finding the courage to speak up and fight for ourselves.