The Cocoon.

We go through many transformations in our lifetime...

From womb to birth,

child to adolescent,

adult to elderly,

and death to re-birth.

These are the most common we witness in our lives.

These are also unavoidable to us as well.

However, there are more important and necessary transformations that go un-talked about, and sometimes even avoided all together.

This is our spiritual transformation.

Where we embrace complete change, transition, death and rebirth from where we once were.

Our becoming.

Where all the pieces come together, and we step into our full potential.

Expressing ourselves in a completely new variation.

The Caterpillar

The Cocoon

The Butterfly

This journey is not as *effortless* as we see it within nature, because many of us fight or suppress our own transformation.

Choosing to stay the same.

Many are miserable, yet content, staying as the Caterpillar. Quite terrified of the metamorphosis that the cocooning process offers.

This choice to stay the same, suppresses our full potential of becoming who we are, and instead we settle for a pre-pubescent and underdeveloped self and spirit.

The fear of change is rational, because with so much change, there is an immense feeling of "loss".

Although, it's truly not a loss at all, it's a gain.

You gain more knowledge, more confidence, more wisdom, more courage, more self-respect, more authentic relationships, and true connection.

But with these gains, many things fall away.

Old friendships, habits & patterns, jobs, perceptions of self, popularity, beliefs, your comfort zone, and much more.

This is necessary, and our willingness to release the grip on what we once thought ourselves or lives to be, grants us the immense opportunity to dive deeper into our fullness.

The in-between is possibly the most challenging part.

When you have left your old life & self, and have yet to emerge into your new self.

There is so much stillness here, and that is what intimidates many.

The presence to be with yourself.

Not giving your power away to thought, or fear.

To take that precious time of un-raveling, and surrendering to your own process of transformation.

You cannot rush it.

You cannot force your way through.

You cannot skip it, once you've already begun.

You can only feel it all the way though, let the change run it's course, and know that you are where you need to be.

You can understand the hesitancy in proceeding with ones own transformation.

Who would want to drop everything, to become who they truly are?