Let Freedom Ring

Almost everything in our external reality it working tirelessly to distract us and keep us dumbed down. The happenings in the world want nothing more than for us to feel helpless, hopeless, and in a state of fear. If we are being perpetuated by fear, we are not in action, we are in survival mode. Instinctively, survival mode is a very blinding place to be in. An animal cannot see anything outside of trying to save itself or defend it's family when it's working to survive against an outer threat.

Right now, the people of the world are desperately trying to defend themselves from an outside threat, and we are missing the big picture.

Maybe your threat is the 'Virus', Bill Gates, or the 2020 elections. It might be child pedophiles in Hollywood, or Q'anon leaking constant information into the ears of the masses. Left versus right. Riots, protests, and constant talk of separation.

Which one are you choosing to give your attention and vital life force energy to? Just how much access have you given the events of the last 5 months to your soul?

Who/whatever is in power here, they want us to be distracted and focused on the external happenings that we have no immediate control over.

I'm not saying to ignore injustice, nor am I saying that it does not exist on multiple levels--

but storming the field wont help, because people are still fast asleep to their own spiritual nature.

We are consuming news, movies, music, and conversation that is not vibrating on the frequency of liberation. It is, in fact, pulling us deeper into the hole of illusion and personal traps.

The system feeds off of our anger, our suppression, and our compliance.

This is why your spiritual development is key. Always and forever, but especially right now. When we are not committed to our spiritual growth, opening our eyes, and peeling back layers, it's much easier to give ourselves away.

So you want to make a difference in your reality and help others, you must commit to dismantle almost everything you have been fed to believe.

We cannot fight an evil, invisible monster head on, but we can withhold giving our energy to it, and starve the monster.

Nothing can thrive without energy--

So this is my personal declaration of Sovereignty.

Reclaiming my right to true Freedom and peace, because I cannot simply wait until the whole world wakes up, to find it.

The evil (who I'm speaking directly to) that is working in this world is no longer holding me in a place of deception. I see it, I feel it, and I do not comply.

My given name, Anjali Romaniuk, it not who I am. It's not me. Just a label on my passport, birth cert, and other Government documents that you try to establish hierarchy with.

I understand that I chose to be in this world, and in this body, but I did not choose to be stamped with a SSN right out of the womb and be indoctrinated into this corrupt system. I was manipulated, coerced, and put into a state of confusion in order to be another hamster on the wheel helping to power the world.

So I am choosing to take my power back.

I want what was stolen, returned.

I am sovereign, I have no master.

I am un-dependant.

Our world tries to tell us that we are just this body.

"I'm just human",

Oh, but we are so much MORE than that.

We are great manifestors, creators, and extensions of God/Spirit/Source. We have forgotten how powerful we really are, and I am making it my personal work to help the humans of this world remember.

Our reality was built on your lies, and your efforts to create separation.

The external bullshit that you dish out to our human collective, I no longer care about, because I know it's all part of your script.

You do not get to feed off of my fear, or my sadness, or any of my other human emotions.

I will no longer play into your game of induced terror.

So, I will live out the rest of my lifetime in this incarnation, and sustain my connection to truth I'll build my spiritual energy and spiritual armor. I will respect myself (body & soul) to the highest degree. I will send loving energy to loving beings, and be open to receive it as well.

I observe what you want from me, and I will choose the other path.

I understand that by living in this material plane, your system that I am living in, I'll have to do things like pay taxes and renew my drivers license. This is because you don't allow people to live any other way. If there was an option to live harmoniously and under no governmental BS, I would. Since there is not at this time, I do what I have to to maintain my ability to reach people, but know this, you derive no power or standing over me when I need to do so. This is your sick simulation, and I'll have to use my name and body (avatar) to get by while I'm here.

Working on myself will be my top priority, because I cannot help any other soul unless I am committed to my own healing, understanding, and conditioning.

I will always question the media, authority, and whatever else is out there putting down story lines, lies, and trying to maintain power.

I see you liars for what you are.

I will choose the people I want to share my energy with, and that is not yours to take or claim. Ever.

I am not your slave, not your chess piece, not your puppet, not your battery, not your property.

I am eternally free from the grips of you and your evil shit storm, this material plane, and anything else that attempts to steal my sovereignty.

I officially declare myself un-slaved, un-indoctrinated, and un-dependant.

A free soul.

Universal consciousness.

And I will do my best while I'm here to help the people of the world understand your tricks, unlock their power and lift the veil from over their eyes so they can see, and be free too.