I Quit My Job! Here's What I've Learned.

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So, I quit my fancy full time job. The secure job I have been at for almost 3 years. I knew I wasn't going to be there forever, but I had no idea when I was going to make the jump for what seemed to be impossible-- my dreams. This year has been FULL of growing pains. I mean, has 2019 kicked anyone else's ass except mine? A bunch of time self reflecting old patterns and habits that were running me into the ground, leaving a relationship that was not enabling me to be the highest version of myself, losing some important yoga classes from a studio closing down, struggling with money, LOTS OF CRYING (I mean, a lot.) and leaving that fucking job that was making me mentally exhausted and emotionally drained.

I've designated this year as the year of showing up for myself. That's right, 2019 asked me "But when are you going to choose you?" and I'm choosing now. NOW is the time to put me and my dreams first, NOW is the time to pour love and commitment into my life, NOW is the time to make the scary jump into the unknown despite everyone's opinions of what I should be doing.

So I said, "fuck yes" to the universe, and "goodbye" to my safe, secure, and underpaid position at my prior job.

You wanna know what I learned?

As long as you're working for someone else, you're replaceable. No matter how much time and effort you put into someone else's business, or dream, your well being and security is pretty much of no importance because...someone else is around the corner to take the place of your role. So, what does this mean? If you're breaking your back over a job that doesn't give a shit whether you stay or leave, what is the point of putting every ounce of your energy into a place where you know you're suffering and SAD? Can we choose to give what we're able to give without letting our souls get sucked dry?

I believe so.

It is fucking terrifying to choose our needs and best interest because we have been taught to just "take what you can get".

Taking what you can get is not always what you deserve.

No amount of money can offer you mental stability and ease. None. Nada. If you are working in an environment that does not resonate with your highest self, you will always work at a lower vibration than what you can offer the world. DO NOT SETTLE FOR ANYTHING LESS THAN WHAT YOU'RE WORTH.

Ask for what you want, and if it’s not being offered, walk away.

There is better opportunity.

Toxic work environments are real and alive. Respect is and always will be a two way street. If you do not respect your employer, or your employer does not respect you—there can be no growth or steady foundation of trust.

I am fucking free!! And it feels so good. Walking away was the hardest and BEST decision I have ever made. I feel more like myself than I ever have in my life. Walking my truth, using my voice, and directing my energy toward what I believe in and my purpose in life.

No matter how many dedicated years you put into a job, someone will still try to shit on you.

I can sleep peacefully knowing that I’m an honest, dedicated, and hard working employee. I always put my best foot forward and show up with an attitude for success no matter what project or job I take on. I will say “fuck yes” to every opportunity, and if it is something I no longer wish to spend time on, I have no problem waking away.

There is no time for guilt, only growth.

I am grateful as fuck for all the lessons and opportunities I’ve come across, all the wonderful connections I’ve made, all of the money I’ve made too.

My heart is full, and my soul is revived and ready to build an empire.

So, what am I doing now? I’m bringing dreams to life. I'm pouring my energy into teaching private yoga sessions in the Detroit metro area, organizing community events to bring people together, and filling up the 2020 NYE Yoga Retreat I'm leading in Puerto Rico come December 29th!! (Still some spots available if you want to join.)

I'm ready to do the real work, the work I was always meant to do.

I feel empowered as ever, and oh so confident in my choice to leave my job, and begin my own business.

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