Tell me, what do you first see in your mind when the concept of Anarchy arises? 

Sons of Anarchy, maybe? (That was always my first).

Maybe it's complete and total chaos?

Absolute terror?

THE PURGE and dead people everywhere?

Maybe you question what Anarchy really means. 

Or even, if you have explored this way of life, you see it for what it truly is; 

Living Freely.

When I first heard of Anarchy as a real way of life it was a bit outside of my comfort zone. As I had been well conditioned to believe that in order to live amongst one another peacefully, we needed to have authority figures keeping everything in check (especially people). I mean, don't get me wrong, I always knew the Government was a shit show and was not "for the people", I guess I just never really thought about what life could be like without a government, and if that was even possible. 

As I ventured into this new realm of information and self discovery, I was met with so many internal challenges to look at and discern for myself. So many deeply engrained limited beliefs about life, and the structure I have been told it needs to uphold. 

These structures include: Taxes, Police, Social Security Numbers, Birth Certificates, Licenses (to do anything for yourself), the reality of jails and prisons, Vaccines & other health mandates, The education system, Religion, Voting & Elections, Travel to other states / countries, War and Military, and the way of life that has been tirelessly sold to the millions that living must be hard, full of sacrifice, and MAYBE you'll be able to actually do what you want when you're 60.

The truth is, we are well groomed from our young ages to believe that Government is good and that authority is valid and righteous. Whether we are hearing this from your parents, shows, school, or other forms of whack ass information,  it's really hard to not be completely drenched in this belief system by the time we are like, 12 years old. 

Our world, today, and for many many years is corrupted from the Power Hungry, and accepted by those who are lacking knowledge of what is really taking place. 

What is Anarchy? 
"Anarchy is the state of a society being freely constituted without authorities or a governing body. It may also refer to a society or group of people that entirely rejects a set hierarchy. Anarchy was first used in 1539, meaning "an absence of government."

From the Greek Prefix: 

An: Without; The absence of

& The Greek Noun: 

Archon: Master; ruler


That is the true meaning of Anarchy. Not "without rules". There are inherent rules put into place that naturally govern over people in this reality, universe, world. This is in reference to the Laws of Nature, the immutable Principles that we are bound to, and do not require your belief for them to be actual. Think like... gravity. It just IS. 

So often I hear TV shows or the news, movies, or other media outlets portraying Anarchy in a completely wrong demeanor, of course this is on purpose. 

Everyone killing everyone =Anarchy

People stealing = Anarchy 

Mass violent riots = Anarchy 

Complete and total chaos = Anarchy. 

Basically any inversion of what the true depiction actually is. 

Anarchy is actually quite reasonable, peaceful, and healthy if you approach it without a conditioned mind. In order to truly be receptive to information, we have to be willing to release all our preconceived thoughts or beliefs about it. 

If I tell you that it's possible to live life without a Government rule, how does that make you feel initially? Can you open your mind to the concept of true external freedom? 

You might think, who will build the roads?! 

What would we do with the criminals?! 

Who would I call for help if I was stuck in a scary situation?! 

Who would keep me safe?!

How would I know when something is right or wrong?!

How would things like food, water, gas, electricity be regulated?!

The answers to all these questions are quite simple, actually. 

You would take responsibility for yourself first and foremost, and we the people, as a collective, would figure it out for ourselves. 

We don't really want our money stolen from us (tax), or to be under the rule of a master (president, mayor, or any other state owned garbage), we definitely don't want to be harassed by thugs who are under the illusion they can fine / ticket us, or kidnap us (police). We FOR SURE don't want to be touched and scanned and sniffed out any time we wish to fly to another slice of land. 

But we just allow it. Why? 

Because we have forgotten that our most natural state is being Free. We have taken a half-assed way of living instead. We are pacified with our technology and food and money to no longer care about the way that we or our bothers and sisters are treated. We have been comforted by our Government to keep us safe and warm, which is a complete and total illusion. 

This has created a severe case of Stockholm syndrome and Cognitive Dissonance in the mass amount of people in the world who not only have been conditioned to love their chains and cages, rulers and regulations, but in fact they will defend them and refuse to acknowledge any information that intends to emancipate them. 

This is why most of the population fears Anarchy, and loves their Government. 

Our world today is full of chaos and destruction. We have been divided and separated and turned on each other through a myriad of different tactics, making it easier for us to be controlled and deceived. Not only is our external world like this, but our internal world as well. The relationship that we have with ourselves. There is lack of trust in our body,  a poor relationship with our spiritual nature, and so many unhealed wounds that dictate our perceptions, relations, projections, and emotions. 

Although we might fear what could come out of the fall of our Governments, the truth is there will be challenges and suffering either way. Government will have a permanent nature of suffering that is blanketed by false promises of safety, and liberation will bring with it limited amounts of chaos while the world at large learns to re-balance. 

One option allows you to live a life of slow slavery and constant struggle, the other asks you to step up, be brave, take action, and free yourself fully from the internal and external chains that have been forged.

We have a chance to change this, slowly and progressively. Acquiring more knowledge and challenging our own internal systems of belief. 

You choose every day to serve a system of suppression, or the highest good for yourself and for all. 

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