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1:1 Mentorship 

Self Love | Body Connection | Emotional Healing


You are ready to forge a new relationship with yourself. Gone are the days of self criticism and feeling disconnected from yourself + others. You are ready to take strides towards loving yourself fully. Committed to breaking out of old repeated patterns & begin living life in alignment with your true potential.

&So it is...

Hi sister, I am so excited that you landed here. There is a reason you felt compelled to explore this page, so I want to invite you in. 

I offer soulful mentorship for women who are ready to meet themselves in their greatness and transform in life. My work revolves heavily around Shadow Work, Inner Child Healing, and activating your Divine Feminine nature. 

Together, we will explore the deeper layers of where you are, and what you believe is holding you back from loving yourself deeply. 

This is a portal of powerful inner reflection & self reclamation. 

I am not here to just give you all of the answers you seek, but to remind you that you already have them.


My position is to meet you as an equal, to listen, share, hold space, and be a reflection of all the knowledge and magic that resides within you already.

Ask Yourself...

  • What is my relationship to my body like?

  • Where am I struggling to take care of myself?

  • What is my definition of Self Love?

  • How do I view / devalue myself?

  • Which emotions are the most intimidating to me?

  • Am I willing to release, discover, and become who I truly am?

  • What do I desire most in life?

These are just a few facets that reveal to you the workings of your inner world.

When you begin to confront and learn to love parts of yourself that are normally pushed aside, avoided or repressed, your world will begin to shift and the inner transformation will take place. You are able to take on a new shape and show up for yourself in much grander ways, while consciously making decisions that support your best life. 

Your struggles are always pointing you towards a new level of personal growth, and it is a deep honor to take charge of your life. 


1:1 Coaching is for you if you...


+ Want to implement spiritual practices into your life for more inner peace / self awareness.

+ Desire to develop a relationship with your body that feels at ease, safe, & empowering.


+ Wish to connect with yourself whole heartedly and accept all of who you are.

+ Want to leave self sabotage behind, begin to validate yourself daily and realize your inherent worth. 


+ Wish to live a life that is nourishing,  abundant, & allows you to be fully expressed as yourself.

The work we do together  is powerful. It requires taking responsibility for your emotions, actions, behaviors, and thoughts in order to witness yourself fully. We will explore your fears, desires, and personal power together so you feel supported and seen in your transformation & remembering. 



Mentorship is for those who are committed to their growth and transformation. Together we will establish a relationship that is honest and safe. Anything and everything you share will remain between us, as this is a sacred space to get vulnerable and deep. You will receive direct support from me including goal + intention setting, Custom Meditations, Sacred Space Practices, Introspective Journaling, Suggested Reading, & Subconscious Reprogramming to assist you during our time together based on your personalized needs.

  • A 3 or 6 Month commitment of us working together.

  • Once a week we will meet through a Zoom Chat for approximately 50-minutes to connect with each other.

  • You'll receive writing prompts and integration tools to help you navigate through your current challenges with direction & confidence.

  • You will have access to me via Telegram for support through our journey together. 

  • BONUS* You'll receive life long access to my online courses on Teachable including Yoga Flow, Meditations, and Masterclasses.


If you feel called to begin your journey with me, click the button below! We will connect on a brief call to discover if we are an aligned match to do this work together.