April 24th-July 12th 2021 

It's your time to embody the truest essence of Self Love so you can rise in your power and live a life of freedom.

Pink Rose

Hey, Sister

Are you ready to create a sustainable and empowered relationship with your body?


No more comparison.

No more self shaming.

No more feeling unworthy.

No more destructive patterns of self hatred.

No more faked confidence...

You don't need to change who you are to find love or acceptance, all you need is to come home to yourself.

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 How would it feel to…

▸ Wake up every day truly loving and embracing the body you are in?

Know how to nourish yourself without guilt or rigidity. Your relationship with food is healthy and exciting?

▸ Move your body from a devotional place of love, instead of feeling like you have to exercise?

Never again look to other people to feel good, worthy or validated? Because you have that power.

▸ Release comparing yourself to other women & celebrate yourself? To have close sisterhood in an organic, non-competitive way.

▸ Show up in your romantic life more evolved and confident? Feeling the intuitive sensations of your body and being fully present to experience bliss.

Rose Flower

This 12-week group program is for the woman who is ready to cultivate a long lasting relationship with herself and return to the sacredness of her own body.  

Experience a potent reservoir of healing & honor. 

About Your Guide

Anjali Romaniuk is a women's mentor, teacher, artist, and continuous student of life who explores the deeper truths of spirituality and awakening. Her work supports women in healing their inner trauma to experience connection, power, and freedom. Through online programs and in-person retreats, she provides tangible tools that anyone can apply to deepen their spiritual & emotional Self. Anjali believes that every single woman deserves to feel alive and safe in her own body and is devoted to creating empowering environments for healing to take place. 


True Self Love...

stretches far beyond daily affirmations and bubble baths.

As women, we have all felt the shame, guilt, mistrust, and insecurities around our body image. Together, we transform those feelings into an authentic sense of empowerment through an unwavering devotion towards our healing.

That is called Alchemy,


turning our wounds into wisdom.

This program is for you if...

✔  You are ready to show up as yourself authentically and connect to your mind, body, and soul.

✔  You no longer want to obsess about your external looks & wish to be free from societies endless beauty standards. 

✔  You want to learn how to eat intuitively and listen to your body. No more restricting yourself or feeling guilty / compulsive about what you eat.

✔  You have awareness around some of your past wounding / trauma which has been worked through with past mentors or therapists and feel confident and comfortable exploring additional healing practices to connect with yourself. 

✔  You are ready to embrace the unique beauty of yourself and develop a more intimate relationship with your body.

✔  You want to be an example of what's possible for women when you have unwavering appreciation for yourself. 

✔  Your desire to develop more Self Awareness through spiritual and emotional practices that expand your perspective and create more freedom in life. 

✔  You want to become your own source of love & security. 


What The Program Includes




Gain powerful knoweldge & tools to help you transform your life. 



Connect with women in the group to form friendships and sisterhood.





Deep dive into your healing with more privacy and space to talk.


You'll always have this information to reffer back to and re-integrate if necessary.



Receive a special "thank you" gift & discounted option for future work with Anjali.

"I wanted more clarity on why I kept repeating the same patterns and I wanted to learn to heal old wounds and trauma that were holding me back in several areas of my life.This course is great for any woman who is ready to dive deeper into herself, gain a better understanding of your emotions and triggers, how to be more aware and create healthier ways of navigating through them. Anjali will guide you, support you and most importantly, create a safe and nurturing space." 


~ Kelsey H.  


  • Explore when insecurities first arose & reclaim the story

  • Learn the art of intuitive eating and being present with food

  • Attend to your external environment to create internal balance and harmony

  • Cultivating a daily self love practice

  • Return to the emotional body & her intelligence

  • Breath-work, Movement, & Meditation as medicine

  • Reconnect to the power of your Womb

  • Self Sabotage VS Self Empowerment 

  • Attune to the divine Feminine Energy within

Group Call Dates

4.26, 5.3, 5.10, 5.17, 5.24, 5.31, 6.7, 6.14, 6.21, 6.28, 7.5, & 7.12

All calls take place on Mondays at 6pm EST.

What happens if you can't make a call?

All group calls are recorded and provided for you to refer back to.


The Investment


Or 3 payments of $650

Space in this program is limited to maintain intimacy and depth within the group. Early enrollment is highly encouraged to reserve your space.

.: 10 spots available :.

Affiliate Program

I whole-heartedly believe in creative ways to aid in your investment. For each woman you refer for the program & joins, I will deduct $150 from your total balance.

Limited to two unique referrals.


Your body is the temple of loves deepest wisdom.

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