8 Weeks of meeting yourself on new levels, embracing growth, exploring your emotions, aligning with your Soul Self, and building a new foundation of perspective and wisdom. 


This course is for the woman who is already on a spiritual journey and ready to expand her knowledge of self-awareness, healing, and life itself.

You are on a journey of healing and it has opened a door that helped you connect with yourself in ways you never thought possible.

Maybe you started with Yoga / Meditation 

Maybe you read a few spiritual  / self help books 

Maybe you went to a retreat and came back a changed woman


you felt like you were on top for awhile...

But then you hit a wall in progression and lost touch with yourself...

The daily affirmations and "positive vibes" we're sustainable.

NOW, you desire to go deeper, you want to heal some inner stuff, but...

You don't know how to do it on your own...

You know you are ready to explore the next level of yourself and meet the most potent teacher,


the teacher within.

Welcome, you are exactly where you need to be.

Those who are ready to grow are courageous enough to look within.

RADICAL SELF is for the woman who feels the deep call to begin exploring her inner world and broaden her perspective of her past experiences and the immeasurable healing that comes along with implementing deep inner work.  


There is no better time to look within yourself and examine where you're still holding onto limiting beliefs , why your inner critic is so loud, or why you might feel stuck in the same patterns that aren't serving your highest good.

The topics that we explore in this course are meant to bring you closer to understanding yourself as a whole and gaining the tools to nurture your spiritual nature.

What We'll Cover Inside Radical Self!

  • Understand your Ego & it's strengths + weakness

  • Introduction to Shadow Work and interpersonal / generational healing

  • Connect with your Inner Child & learn to self soothe triggered wounds

  • Discover your Core Values and their importance in everything you do

  • Implement boundaries & conscious communication skills / Self Responsibility

  • Embrace your intuition & learn how to receive intuitive messages

  • Explore the Law of Attraction and how to live in alignment with yourself & nature to create an abundant life.


Hi! I'm Anjali

Here to guide you towards your most epic and aligned self.

For a very long time I struggled to understand my world and why things seemed so challenging for me. I labeled myself as "broken" or "unloveable" and had a hard time seeing through all my past baggage and childhood wounds. When I began down my path of spirituality and teaching yoga, I still had so much to learn about my own healing and how to step into my power as a woman. The deeper I went, the more I realized that spirituality isn't just about how much Palo Santo you burn or how many hours you spend in meditation  -- spiritual development is about getting to know yourself on the deepest level, and meeting your inner teacher.

I am here to tell you that healing is absolutely possible for you. 

I am here to remind you to keep going. 

I am here as living proof that as you get to know the deeper layers of yourself, you become more free and abundant in life. 

Yes, I want all of this for you too. 

The world needs more women who are empowered and ready to take on the challenge of emancipating themselves from whatever is holding you back and coming into union with your divine spirit. 

This course is designed to give you the tools to tap into your power of awareness through understanding the concepts of Ego, Shadow Work, Inner Child Relationships, Values, Boundaries, and Intuition!

How empowering does it feel to know that the more you work on yourself & heal, the bigger the impact you make on the world at large?


Your spiritual development is a never ending journey and truly, a magical one that offers you more Self Knowledge.

When women become self aware and begin living their lives from the place of personal power, big changes happen in life, the kind of changes that lead us to aligned opportunities, people, environments, and energy.

Calm Sea


  • One LIVE group call weekly on ZOOM

  • Downloadable PDF Workbook

  • Meditations & Somatic Healing Techniques

  • Action Steps & Recommended Reading

  • THREE 1:1 guidance calls with Anjali!

  • *BONUS* 9th group call to end the course with Meditation & Closing Circle

*Course begin on Tuesday, March 2nd at 6pmEST and ends April 24th, 2021.*

Here's what women have to say about the course

"I was feeling stuck in a rut on personal growth and spiritually with myself. I gained confidence in myself and learned that my feelings are valid and likely stem from past conditioning. Exploring this aspect with Anjali was extremely enlightening. I truly believe this journey would be helpful to anyone! There’s always more to learn and explore." ~Julia T

"I wanted more clarity on why I kept repeating the same patterns and I wanted to learn to heal old wounds and trauma that were holding me back in several areas of my life.This course is great for any woman who is ready to dive deeper into herself, gain a better understanding of your emotions and triggers, how to be more aware and create healthier ways of navigating through them. Anjali will guide you, support you and most importantly, create a safe and nurturing space." ~Kelsey H

"I gained a wealth of tools and knowledge that have helped manage anxiety and fear. I have gained freedom from the dark shadows by bringing forth uncomfortable past experiences of trauma, a deeper understanding of awareness and how to move out of low frequencies. I have gained the power in my voice back which has allowed me to create healthy boundaries in personal and professional relationships to protect my core values." ~Megan C