Welcome to your next healing initiation.

A 7-Week group program for the woman who desires to express herself without hesitation.

Tell me sister, 

How would it feel to have a healthy relationship with your own emotions? 

To express freely, without shame? 

To inner-stand where your feelings are coming from?

To release the belief that you are a burden for your human tenderness & sensitivities?

I am so excited to meet you inside of this transformational program. 


Your emotions are meant to be felt and expressed, 

but many of us have not had a safe place to do so. 

We have either pushed down our emotions and 

made the decision not to feel them at all, 


we feel overwhelmed by our own feelings and 

feel like we are living on an emotional



But I'm here to tell you that life doesn't have to be that way. 

You get to redefine your emotional well-being, 

and it begins HERE. 

Pink Sky

Become Liberated 

Are you ready to explore the deeper layers of emotions and free yourself from the belief that your feelings are “Negative” or “Bad”? 

When we explore the relationship with our own emotions, we are able to see them as teachers & mirrors which invite us into transformation and heightened Self Awareness. 

We alchemize our greatest challenges into strength. 


This Program is for you if...

▶ You feel disconnected from your emotions & want to be able to express yourself. 

▶ You feel overwhelmed by your emotions & want to learn how to regulate your mood. 


▶ You know you're holding onto emotional baggage from the past & wish to let go of it to feel lighter in life. 

▶ You find yourself taking other peoples emotions personally or experience co-dependency and want to create healthy boundaries for yourself.

▶ You notice that you have emotional explosions or project onto other people around you & want to learn tools to release & express in an intentional way.

▶ You are on a Self Love & Self Discovery journey looking to deepen the relationship you have with yourself as a whole.

Pink Sky

Course Curriculum:

Course Curriculum:

Week One


During week 1 we will explore the emotion of Fear, which resonates with the Root Chakra. 

Diving into Scarcity and Lack mindset and cultivating a healthy relationship with the Ego. 

Week Two


Week 2 we dive into the relationship with your sensuality and personal expression. 

Re-connecting with your creative capacity, releasing sexual trauma / shame, finding passion for life. 

Week Three


For week 3 we will work with restoring our personal power. Exploring the fire of the Solar Plexus Chakra 

Inviting in transformation, momentum, and re-aligning with your mission.

Week Four


Week 4 is all about the Heart Chakra & finding compassion for ourselves & others. 

Diving into intimacy, authentic Love & devotion, and allow sadness to open you up to greater connection. 

Week Five


Week five we will explore the verbal release of anger and connect to the throat chakra. 

We will learn about conscious communication, observing projections, and giving ourself permission to release pent up energy in the body. 

Week Six



Our last week will offer liberation from victimhood and a greater perspective of our experiences.   

No longer attached to the labels you were once given, you will define who you are as a powerful woman. 


Meet   Your Guide: 


Anjali Romaniuk is a Spiritual Mentor for Women, A Yoga Teacher, a Breath Work Guide, and an Intuitive Embodiment coach. 

Over the years Anjali has made it her mission to inspire & assist women in becoming their most empowered and authentic self. 

Through many different educational trainings, Anjali brings a multitude of tools to share with those she works alongside to dive deeper into Self Healing within a safe environment where you will be Seen & Received no matter what you're going through. 

Her goal is to encourage women to meet themselves in the glory & grit of Self Reclamation and regain the power within to change their life and break past old patterns and beliefs to experience freedom.

Pink Sky


Meeting Schedule

This 7-Week Program begins Tuesday, June 1st 2021


Our Group Calls will take place via ZOOM every Tuesday.

Call Dates & Times : 

June 1st 6pmEST

June 8th 4pmEST

 June 15th 12pmEST

June 22 6pmEST

June 29 12pmEST

July 6th 4pmEST

July 13th 6pmEST


One payment of $777 or 2 payments of $395


Bonus Goodies


Private Community to Connect with each-other.

❤ Recorded Meditations & Embodiment Practices.

❤ Closing Circle Ceremony to end the course.