Sovereign Sister Circle

~For women who desire to come together in Conscious Community~


The Sovereign Sister Circle is an online gathering where women come together to express, evolve, question, and heal through exploring shared values of... 

  • Holistic Living

  • Personal Responsibility

  • Spiritual Development 

  • Self Healing 

  • Shadow Work 

  • Autonomy {Self Governing}

  • Relationships

  • Accountability

  • Masculine & Feminine Energies

  • Sharing & Space Holding

There is no designated *teacher* in this women's circle. Instead, space will be held for each woman to share her own wisdom about the given topic we are discussing together.

This is a more laid back environment where we can commune as women and experience a sense of community, no matter where you are in the world.


The foundation for this offering is rooted in understanding that in some way, we are all teachers & have wisdom to share. We are also eternal students of life, and continuously gain more understanding through the practice of  l i s t e n i n g.


Sometimes our topics of interest might differ from your opinions or beliefs, since we are all coming from different walks of life. If egos are triggered during our conversations with each other, there is an invitation to step into a new perspective or remain kind & inquisitive.

 Part of our work as individuals is understanding where our beliefs and judgements are standing in the way of our own mental and spiritual expansion. We are here to be self responsible and gain ground on conscious awareness to navigate through our emotions, thoughts, and expressions. 

All women are welcome into this space who value freedom, connection, sisterhood, and personal growth. 


The Details:

  • Once a month live Zoom Calls around the Full Moon

  • Private online chat space on Telegram & IG 

  • Access to all additional content including recorded videos, and monthly journal prompts.

  • Connection & Community with like-minded Sisters


Joining the community requires a monthly payment of $25.55 

*You may stay for as long as you'd like with no commitment*