My Story


I was born on February 13th, 1993 at 7:21pm into a family of three. My mother, my father, and me. As a child I was naturally energetic, curious, and had a very loud voice. I was always expressing myself, making up songs and singing from the top of my lungs around the neighborhood. I suppose looking back on my childhood, things were sweet. I made a lot of friends because I was very social and unapologetically asking other kids to play, but there was a lot going on behind the scenes that was waiting to be re-discovered in my adult life.

My parents are beautiful people, but they are human. Both struggle with addiction and depression, which resulted in a household full of fighting and projecting their pain onto one another. Naturally, as a child I watched their behavior and was very much imprinted by their characteristics, leaving me with a ton of beliefs and ideas about life and myself that are far from true.

Young adolescence came and hit me like a truck. The once care-free 7 year old I once was vanished behind the curtain and out came the very awkward and insecure Anjali. I began judging my body around the age of twelve, and felt so out of place in school. My mind was full of imagination, and I couldn't concentrate or sit still. Suddenly, I was not good at making friends anymore, and wasn't as "cool, pretty, or popular" like other girls. I had a hard time connecting with other kids my age, and desperately wanted to fit in and have a community.

Eventually I learned to blend in like a chameleon. I started to act, dress, and make myself look like the girls in my school. The beginning of sacrificing my real self, for the validation and acceptance of others. This went on well through high school, and my senior year I was considered one of the more "popular" girls. I was also struggling with an eating disorder no one knew about, severely hating my body and feeling lost as a person. I was in a fish bowl of 18 year olds who were being prepared to go off to college and "make something of themselves", but no matter how many career quizzes I took, nothing felt right for me.

I went to college for awhile because I knew it would make my parents proud. They wanted me to be successful, but I was not succeeding, I was flunking. I hated every minute of being in college, and honestly found it a waste of time and money. I was not passionate about learning anything that the indoctrinated school system had to offer, and I knew there was so much more for myself and my life in the long run. I knew that I did not need a college degree to be successful in life, so I left college and never returned.

I found myself in a Yoga Teacher Training at age 20. I knew that this was something that I was going to be naturally good at. It was so scary, but it was my first stepping stone in finding out who I am and opening the door to my inner healing that seemed sealed shut. Yoga was my first love and began teaching this epic practice in 2014. I never thought I would do anything else, but I suppose life always laughs at your plans. In 2018 I ventured to Bali, Indonesia and this is where I was really initiated into my healing journey, and it was intense. I was facing my father wound, my mother wound, my own shit, my body image issues, my suppressed emotions, my desire to get attention because I never knew how to give myself loving attention. I had to look at all the ways I had turned on myself, and it truly brought me to my knees. I began questioning my reality as a whole, asking why I was here, what life is about, what is it like to be free, am I free?

These questions led me into layers upon layers of learning about psychology, deeper elements of spirituality and ancient philosophy. I was being pushed into this completely new level of Self and molting out of my old shell where I was safe as a victim of being "used and abused as a child of a dysfunctional family" into the sweet field of self-sovereingty and creating my own reality.

I began leaving things that were not in alignment with this new version of myself. Friendships, jobs, relationships, environments, and quickly learned that the more I trusted my intuition and said "no" to the things that were not for me and my highest expression, everything else fell right into place.

I released inauthentic friendships and gained incredible sisters. I left under-paying jobs and soon elevated into abundant opportunities. I said no to romantic interests that did not meet my very high standards for what I wanted in a life partner, and met the absolute love of my life. I stepped into my power of being a woman who was put on this earth to educate, empower, enliven, and help others attain absolute freedom in their own life.

So here I am.

Here you are.

I hope you see the endless possibilities laid out for you in each moment and the power you have as a human being to create a life that serves your highest potential, thus helping to heal the human collective.

I love working with women who are ready to step out of their cozy shell and into the expansive space of healing and reclaiming your whole self. I lead Women's Retreats, offer an affordable online community women's circle, Integrative Healing Group Programs, and 1:1 Guidance.


Thank you for being.

~Anjali Romaniuk