Shadow Work | Self Mastery | Sovereignty 

Beautiful Desert

Guiding women through 

spiritual expansion.

My mission is to empower and hold space for women who are eager to begin their journey towards inner healing and self reflection in order to break free from toxic patterns of self sabotage or limiting systems of belief. 

Returning to your Sovereignty means taking responsibility in all areas of your life and leaving victimhood behind to step forward into emancipation.

I encourage you to show up unfiltered and in your authenticity. I am ready to meet you where you are and remind you of your powerful potential.



Spiritual Mentor, Writer,  & E-RYT500 Yoga / Meditation Teacher

I assist women on their unique healing journey towards loving themselves fully, and returning to their sovereignty.

I have a deep passion for connecting with, and assisting women who wish to awaken to their full potential.

Similar to some, life's challenges have lead me here to my own path of healing and transformation. As my practices and teachings are based around personal education, experience, and intuition; I believe in, and encourage those I work alongside to look within themselves for guidance, healing, and wisdom.

My initiative is to explore and share a variety of topics that help us, as a collective, re-establish our connection to all that we are. 

These topics include: 

*Shadow Work, Womb Wisdom, Conditioning, Trauma, Divine Feminine & Masculine Energies, Social Influences, Hermetics & Natural Law, Holistic Practices, Self Love, and of course Sovereignty. 

The path towards our True Self  begs us to pay attention, tune inward, and find the courage to HEAL.

Our world needs people who are willing to do their inner work, take radical ownership of themselves, and begin living in alignment within the Laws of Nature. 

 I invite you to take the courageous step and become liberated, empowered, and fully aware of your worth.

I will ask you to show up, dig deep, and do the work so you can restore your power and change your life.